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Tcodes in SAP Project System Part 3

Home »SAP Project system » Tcodes in SAP Project System Part 3

PS Configuration / Customization related Transactions codes:

OP00 -  Maintain Operation Control Key
OP01 -  Customizing Routing/Work Center
OP03 -  Factory Calendar C
OP04 -  Word Processing
OP07 -  Standard Text
OP08 -  Standard Text
OP09 -  Maintain Alternative Activity Desc.

OP10 - Maintain Person Responsible OP11 - Maintain Period Pattern Key OP12 - Maintain Location OP13 - Maintain Screen Sequence OP14 - Maintain Type of Std. Value Determin OP15 - Production User Profile OP16 - Maintain Period Pattern OP17 - Formula Parameters OP18 - Maintain Setup Group/Setup Group Cat OP19 - Standard Value Key OP20 - Maintain Setup Type Key OP21 - Define Formula OP22 - Maintain Wage Groups OP23 - Maintain Location OP24 - Maintain period dependent oper. val. OP26 - Maintain suitability OP28 - Maintain Perf. Efficiency Rate Key OP30 - Maintain Move Time Matrix OP31 - Maintain Time Segment (Per. Pattern) OP32 - Maintain Capacity Category OP34 - Maintain Work Center Planner Group OP35 - Maintain Perf. Efficiency Rate Key OP36 - Maintain Capacity Default Values OP37 - Maintain Available Capacity Version OP38 - Maintain Setup Type Key OP39 - Maintain Graphics Profile OP40 - Maintain Work Center Category OP41 - Matchcode for work center OP42 - Default work center OP43 - Maintain Setup Group Categories OP44 - Maintain Task List Usage OP45 - Maintain Usage OP46 - Maintain Task List Status OP47 - Maintain PRT Usage OP48 - Maintain Planner Group OP49 - Matchcode for Routings/Ref. Op. Sets OP4A - Maintain Shift Sequences OP4B - Overview variant: Routing OP4C - Overview variant: Ref. oper. set OP4D - Overview variant: Rate routing OP4E - Overview variant: Ref. rate routing OP4F - Overview var.:Scheduling of routings OP4G - Overview var.:Scheduling ref.op.set OP4H - Overview var.:Scheduling of rate rtg OP4I - Overview var.:Scheduling RefRateRtgs OP50 - Assign Material Types OP51 - Formula Parameters OP52 - Formula Parameters OP53 - Formula Parameters OP54 - Define Formula OP55 - Define Formula OP56 - Define Formula OP57 - Define Formula OP58 - Maintain Default Value Profiles OP59 - Formula Parameters OP5A - Field Selection: Task List Overview OP5B - Field Selection: Task List Header OP5C - Field Selection: Task List Sequence OP5D - Field Selection: Task List Details OP5E - Field selection task list overview OP5F - Field selection std network -> PRT OP5H - Field sel. insp.plan characteristics OP61 - Number range maintenance: ROUTING_3 OP62 - Number ranges for routings OP63 - Number Ranges for Ref.Operation Sets OP64 - Maintain Setup Group Key OP65 - Formula Parameters OP66 - Maintain Location Group OP67 - Maintain Operation Control Key OP68 - Maintain Move Time Matrix OP69 - Maintain wage type OP70 - Maintain PRT Control Key OP71 - Maintain Wage Group OP72 - PRT Control Key OP73 - PRT Authorization Group OP74 - Maintain PRT Group Key OP76 - Define suitability OP77 - Engineering Workbench for Task Lists OP78 - Maintain Type of Std. Value Determin OP7A - Customizing matchcode for PRTs OP7B - Define Parameters OP80 - Maintain PRT Status OP82 - Define Formula OP84 - Profiles: Default Values for Rtgs. OP85 - Profiles: Default Values for QM OP87 - Maintain Routing/Ref.Op.Set Usage OP88 - Maintain Assignmt. of Task List Type OP8A - Maintain operation value description OP8B - Maintain standard value texts OP8C - Record layout for background (APL) OP8D - Data transfer APL OP8E - Command file task lists Rel. 2.2A OP8F - Maintain production scheduler OP8H - Profiles: Default Values for Rtgs. OP91 - Maintain Object Overview Version OP95 - Assign Work Center Cat. to Applicatn OP96 - Maintain Work Center Category OP97 - Maintain Performance Efficiency Rate OP98 - Maintain Validity of Perf.Effic.Rate OPA0 - Status selection profiles OPA1 - Maintain combination definitions OPA2 - Define selection profile OPA3 - Define option profile OPA4 - Define list profile OPA5 - Define graphics profile OPA6 - Define overall profile OPA7 - Define columns OPA9 - Maintain selection profiles OPB1 - Define list versions OPB2 - Define distribution function OPB3 - Specify distribution functions OPB4 - Specify distribution strategies OPB5 - Specify distribution key OPC0 - Axis representation selection OPC1 - Maintain axis representation OPC2 - Curve representation selection OPC3 - Maintain curve representation OPC5 - Max. no. of data records OPCD - Capacity category OPCE - Capacity planner OPCF - Time units OPCG - Maintain Operation Control Key OPCH - Maintain production scheduler OPCI - Setup group key/category OPCL - Scheduling type OPCM - Standard value key OPCN - Maintain move time matrix OPCQ - Efficiency rate OPCR - Formula parameters OPCS - Define formula OPCT - Strategies OPCU - Strategy levels OPCW - Planned order parameters OPCX - Formula parameters OPCY - Define formula OPD0 - Resource planning overall profile OPD1 - Resource planning selection profile OPD2 - Capacity leveling - time profile OPD3 - Resource planning evaluation profile OPD4 - Resource planning period profile OPD5 - Flow control definition OPD6 - Flow control control table OPD7 - Flow control statuses OPD8 - Flow Control Actions OPD9 - Flow Control Messages OPDA - Transition matrix (setup matrix) OPDB - Capacity Leveling Strategy Profile OPDD - Factory calendar OPDE - Resource planning control profile OPDF - Define requirements grouping OPDH - Capacity leveling - list profile OPDJ - Define layout OPDK - Define standard overview OPDL - Cap. plan. detailed cap.list maint. OPDM - Define detail list (leveling) OPDQ - Profile for planning table (tab.) OPDR - Define layout key OPDT - Define detail list OPDU - Maintain perf. efficiency rate key OPDV - Com-file (Rel-Info/OLPK) KOP. Setīs OPDW - Com-file (Rel-Info/OLPK) KOP. Setīs OPE0 - Maintain Sort String OPE1 - Maintain Value Type OPE2 - Maintain Machine Type OPE3 - Maintain Planner Group OPE4 - Maintain Control Parameters OPE5 - Maintain rounding categories OPE6 - Maintain Rounding Category OPE7 - Maintain overhead key OPE8 - Maint. Roundg. and Add.Val.Key (Def) OPE9 - Maintain User Profile OPEA - User selection OPEB - Automatic selection OPEC - PP user fields OPENPS  Download Activities to Palm Pilot OPF0 - Maintain User OPF1 - Authorizations for CAPP OPFA - Field selection: Work center OPFP - Configuring the Fixed Price Version OPFR01  RPUCORF0PBS : IMG Link OPG0 - Profile for planning table OPG1 - Chart sequence - selection OPG2 - Line representation OPG3 - Scale time axis OPG4 - Time scale profile OPG5 - Graphic obj.type sel./repr.profile OPG6 - Transition matrix setup fam.key OPG7 - Line display selection OPG9 - Graphical object type/obj.represent. OPGD - Ref. Oper. Set-All Task Lists (PP) OPGE - Ref. Oper. Set - Rate Routings (PP) OPGF - Work Center - All Task Lists (PP) OPGG - Work Center - Rate Routings (PP) OPGH - Document PRT - All Task Lists OPGI - Equipment PRT - All Task Lists OPGJ - Material PRT - All Task Lists OPGK - Misc. PRT - All Task Lists OPGL - Resource - Master Recipes (PI) OPGM - Process Instr. Cat. - Master Recipe OPGN - Document PRT - Maintenance Task List OPGO - Equipment PRT-Maintenance Task Lists OPGP - Material PRT - Maintenance Task List OPGQ - Misc. PRT - Maintenance Task Lists OPGR - Work Center - Standard Network (PS) OPGS - Document PRT - Standard Network (PS) OPGT - Equipment PRT - Standard Network(PS) OPGU - Material PRT - Standard Network (PS) OPGV - Misc. PRT - Standard Network (PS) OPH1 - CO Cash Bgt Mgmt: Delete Actual Data OPH2 - PS Cash Management: Delete Plan Data OPH3 - CO Cash Bgt Mgmt: Delete Master Data OPH4 - CO Cash Bgt Mgmt: MM Data Transfer OPH5 - CO CBM: Successive FI Data Transfer OPH6 - CO CBM: Take Over FI Completely OPH7 - CO-CBM: Take Over All Data OPI1 - Maintain Value Categories OPI2 - Value Categories for Cost Elements OPI3 - Update Control: File RPSCO OPI4 - Commitment Item Value Categories OPI5 - Value Categories for Stag.Key Figs OPI6 - Activate CO Cash Budget Management OPI8 - Display Value Category OPIA - Interest Profile for Projects OPIB - Maintain Interest Profile OPIC - Intrst Relevance: Cost Els/Cmmt Itms OPID - Proj.Int Calc: Account Determination OPIE - Interest Indicator OPIF - View Maintenance:Compound Int.Cont. OPIG - View Maint.: Compound Int. Periods OPIH - Interest Scale, General Conditions OPIN - Number range maintnce: VHU_PINST OPJ2 - Production order stock determination OPJ4 - Schedule batch function request OPJ6 - Maintain Status Profiles OPJ7 - Maintain Routing Usage OPJ8 - Maintain Operation Control Key OPJ9 - Maintain prod. scheduler group OPJA - Maintain setup group/group category OPJB - Specify system messages OPJC - Maintain Wage Groups OPJD - Item Categories OPJE - User Selection OPJF - Automatic Selection OPJG - Maintain Default Values OPJH - Order types production order OPJI - BOM Usage Priorities OPJJ - Maintain Scope of Check OPJK - Maintain Control OPJL - Maintain Checking Rule OPJM - Application-Specific Criteria OPJN - Maintain Scheduling Type OPJO - C MM-BD units of measurement OPJP - Maint. acct.assgnm.types for orders OPJQ - Standard Value Key OPJR - Maintain move time matrix OPJS - PP: Maintain reduction strategies OPJT - Maintain Strategy Levels OPJU - Production order control parameters OPJV - Maintain Capacity Category OPJW - Maintain Capa.Planr.Grp for WrkCentr OPJX - Factory Calendar C OPJY - Maintain perf. efficiency rate key OPJZ - Maintain Release Periods OPK0 - Confirmation Parameters PP OPK0T   Confirmation Parameters OPK1 - Confirmation Parameters PP-PI OPK1T   Confirmation Parameters OPK2 - Formula Parameters OPK3 - Define Formula OPK4 - Confirmation Parameters OPK5 - Maintain variances OPK6 - List Layout OPK7 - Accessing Customizing PDC transfer OPK8 - Maintain print control prod. orders OPK9 - Maintain Goods Receipt Valuation OPKA - Maintain Movement Types OPKB - Control parallel confirmation OPKC - Control confirmation process chain OPKD - Control confirmation process chain OPKE - Screen Sequence for Components OPKF - Control parallel confirmation OPKG - Maintain Messages OPKH - Maintain Breakpoints OPKI - Maintain Collective Confirmation OPKJ - Maintain PRT Control Key OPKK - Standard Text OPKL - Formula Parameters OPKM - Define Formula OPKN - Overview variant production control OPKO - Command File for Production Orders OPKP - Shop floor control profile OPKQ - Customizing: Matchcode for Proc.Ord. OPKR - Print flag OPKS - Maintain Origins for CO Object OPKT - Initial Screen: Settlement Structure OPKU - Maintain Collective Confirmation OPKV - Print Flag OPKW - Print shop papers OPKX - Deletion Flag/Indicator OPKZ - Customizing Matchcode for ProdOrder OPL1 - Costing Variants: PP Prod. Order OPL2 - Maintain trigger point group OPL3 - Trigger point usage OPL4 - Profile for missing parts list OPL5 - Order type LIS parameters OPL6 - Profile for documented goods mvmts OPL7 - Order change management profile OPL8 - Order type parameters: Overview OPL9 - Parameters for order change mgmt OPLA - Conditions: V_T682F for H CO OPLB - CondTab: Create (batch, prod.) OPLC - CondTab: Change (batchs, prod.) OPLD - CondTab: Display (batches, prod.) OPLE - Strategy types: Batch determ. (prod) OPLF - Access: Maintain batch determ.(prod) OPLG - Batch determ.: Procedure for prod. OPLH - Overview variant - production orders OPLI - Background job for goods movements OPLJ - Job "Fast entry confirmation" OPLK - Overall profile for order prog. rep. OPLL - Order progress: Displayed fields OPLM - Order progress: Displayed fields OPLO - maintain selection profile OPLP - Job "Convert planned order" OPLQ - maintain filter for control keys OPLR - Maintain filter for capacity version OPLS - Parallel processing control OPLT - Target System for Data Transfer OPLV - Maintain Filter for Task List Usage OPLW - Maintain Filter for Task List Status OPLX - Maintain Filter for BOM Usage OPLY - Maintain Filter for BOM Status OPLZ - Maintain POI Planned Order Selection OPM0 - Maintain profile - field selection OPM1 - Costing Variants - Production Order OPM2 - Maintain Detail Screen Control Oper. OPM3 - Maintain Detail Scrn Control Header OPMF - Field Selection - BOM Transfer OPMI - Import models activities OPMJ - Determine progress values OPN0 - Master Recipe Profile OPN1 - Maintain Profiles for Master Recipes OPN2 - Valuation Variants - Prod. Order OPN3 - Overv.Var.: Master Recipe Scheduling OPN5 - Field Seln: Std Network Overview OPN6 - Field Selection Standard Network Hdr OPN7 - Field Sel.:Std Ntwk Activity Detail OPN8 - Field Sel.:Std.Ntwk Comp.Overview OPN9 - Field Sel. Std Ntwk Comp.Detail OPO1 - Create Cost Element Planning Layout OPO2 - Change Cost Element Planning Layout OPO3 - Display Cost Element Planning Layout OPO4 - Create Stat. KF Planning Layout OPO5 - Change Stat. KF Planning Layout OPO6 - Display Stat. KF Planning Layout OPO7 - View Maintenance V_TCJ41_7 OPO8 - View Maintenance V_TCJ41_8 OPO9 - View Maintenance V_TCJ41_9 OPOA - View Maintenance V_T003O_N0 OPOB - View Maintenance V_T003O_N1 OPOC - View Maintenance V_T399X_N0 OPOD - View Maintenance V_T399X_N1 OPOE - View Maintenance T_T399X_N2 OPP1 - Customizing MRP OPP2 - MPS OPP3 - Customizing Repetitive Manufacturing OPP5 - List Profile Component List OPPA - PP/MRP Customizing Explosion OPPB - Direct Procurement OPPC - Period Grouping OPPD - Customizing Planning Time Fence OPPE - Conversion Plnnd Order -> Prod.Order OPPE01  General iPPE Customizing OPPE02  Define iPPE Node Type OPPE03  Define iPPE Variant Types OPPE04  Define iPPE Alternative Types OPPE05  Define iPPE Relationship Types OPPE06  Customer-Spec. Model Assgts (iPPE) OPPE07  Time Analysis: Partner Products iPPE OPPE11  Profiles: iPPE WB Professional OPPE12  Tabs: iPPE Workbench Professional OPPE13  User Assgmt: iPPE WB Professional OPPE14  Define Reports for iPPE WB Prof. OPPE15  Define Interface for iPPE Workbench OPPE20  Profile Maintenance iPPE PS OPPEACT01 - - Define Std Val. Determin. Type OPPEACT02 - - Object Dependency in Process Struct. OPPECHK01 - - Customizing: Consistency Check OPPEDOK Documentation OPPELUI01 - - Profile Definition: iPPE WB Express OPPELUI02 - - User Assignment: iPPE WB Express OPPERES01 - - Customizing for Production Resources OPPESCMPV - - Object Dependent Status Management OPPESTATUS -    Cross-Application Status Management OPPF - Customizing for Order Report OPPH - Customizing Purchase Req. Conversion OPPI - Available Stock OPPJ - MRP Checking Rule OPPK - Hierarchy Element OPPL - MRP OPPM - Evaluation Profiles OPPN - Layout OPPO - Hierarchy Element OPPP - Customizing Direct Procurement OPPQ - C M MRP Plant Parameters for MRP OPPR - C M MRP MRP Group OPPS - Strategy OPPT - Strategy Group OPPU - Strategy Group for MRP Group OPPZ - MRP Group OPR1 - Area of Responsibility <-> Message OPR3 - Definition of Breakpoints OPR4_ACT - -   Multilevel Actual Settlement OPR4_CK Material Cost Estimate OPR4_CKMC - - Mass Costing - Sales Documents OPR4_CKML - - Closing and Calc. of Periodic Price OPR4_CKPF - - Price Update OPR4_FCO - -   Collective Processing: Variances OPR4_KKA - -   WIP Calculation OPR4_KKP - -   Repetitive Mfg and Process Mfg OPR4_KKS - -   Collective Processing: Variances OPR4_KKS1 - - Individual Processing: Variances OPR4_PPCO - - Production Order: Cost Calculation OPR5 - Definition of Error Mgmt IDs (SAP) OPR6 - Definition of Object IDs (SAP) OPR7 - Def. of Areas of Responsibility OPR8 - Def. of Minimum Message Types (SAP) OPR9 - Def. of Reference Objects (SAP) OPRCMFE User-Defined Messages OPRF - Maintain Quotation Prefixes OPS -   Customizing for Project System OPS0 - Maintain print control for networks OPS1 - Maintain User Fields OPS2 - Maintain Relationship Texts OPS3 - Maintain PS Text Types OPS4 - maintain simulation profile OPS5 - Maintain Standard Network Profile OPS6 - Maintain Project Manager OPS7 - Maintain Applicant OPS8 - Materialflow network OPS9 - Budget Management Profile OPSA - Maintain Project Profile OPSB - Cost Planning Profile OPSC - Create network types OPSCAS  Command File Payments (PS) OPSCOS  Command File Costs (PS) OPSD - Maintain Profile for Report Lines OPSE - Maintain Report Groups OPSF - Maintain Report Variations OPSG - Order change management profile OPSH - Maintain ctrl. key for activity (PS) OPSI - Edit PS validation rules OPSINS  Command File Info System (PS-F) OPSJ - Maintain Project Coding OPSK - Maintain Special Characters OPSL - Project Info System Overview Maint. OPSM - Maintain Overall Profile PS InfoSys OPSN - Edit PS substitution rules OPSO - Maintain Project Types OPSP - Capacity availability check OPSPAR1 Maintain Partner Functions OPSPAR2 Define Lang.-Dep.Partner Functions OPSPAR3 WBS Partner Profile OPSQ - Intervals for Cost/Revenue Types OPSR - Maintain milestones OPSREV  Command File Revenues (PS) OPSS - Maintain milestones OPST - Network Confirmation Parameters OPSU - Maintain Activity Control Key OPSV - Cost object ind. OPSW - Info System Profile OPSX - PS: Reset "Budgeted" Status OPT1 - Maintain PS Transaction Types OPT2 - Matchcode for project definition OPT3 - Matchcode for WBS elements OPT4 - Matchcode for standard network OPT5 - Customizing matchcode for network OPT6 - Maintain std. milestone group OPT7 - Project planning board profile OPT8 - Maintain hierarchy graphic / dates OPT9 - Network parameters for PS-SD OPTA - Command file for PS -> FI area OPTB - Command file for WBS OPTC - Command file for network OPTD - Command file for standard network OPTE - Command file for PS info system OPTF - Command file for PS graphic OPTG - Maintain PS Info Summztn Criteria OPTH - PS info system maintenance OPTI - Maintain Progrss Analysis Overview OPTJ - Maintain PS Info Unit Conversion OPTK - Exclude Cost Elems from Avlbty Cntrl OPTL - Maintain PS Info Comparison Criteria OPTM - Fincl Budgeting Profile for Projects OPTN - Maintain priorities OPTO - Change costing variants OPTP - Sub-network parameters OPTQ - Maintain WBS scheduling parameters OPTR - Strategies for settlement rules OPTS - Maintain project version profile OPTT - Maint. acct.assgnm.types for orders OPTU - Maint. PS Info System field settings OPTV - Maint. PS Info System sort criteria OPTW - Maint.PS Info System group. criteria OPTX - Maint. PS Info System database set. OPTY - Capacity leveling - Time profile/PS OPTZ - Matchcode for standard WBS elements OPU0 - Matchcode for standard project def. OPU3 - Production order control parameters OPU4 - Maintain Capacity Planning (SOP) OPU5 - Parameter long term planning PlndOrd OPU6 - Production order control parameters OPU7 - Control parameters plant maintenance OPU8 - Overview Var.: Header Line Info Sys. OPU9 - Overview Variant: Item Line OPUA - Field selection: Network: Header OPUB - Field selection: Network: Overview OPUC - Field selection: Network: Details OPUD - Field selection:Network confirmation OPUH - Field sel: Std. project definition OPUI - Field selection: Std. WBS elements OPUJ - Field selection: Project definition OPUK - Field selection: WBS element OPUL - PS: Maintain reduction strategies OPUM - Maintain Subprojects OPUN - Capacity overviews OPUO - Project schedule overviews OPUP - Subnetwork schedule overview OPUQ - Overall network scheduling overview OPUR - Info System: Structure overview OPUS - Maintain Version Number Entry Mask OPUT - Maintain overview variants OPUU - Maintain Network Profile OPUV - Network Type Parameters OPUW - Standard Network Status OPUX - Maintain overview variants std netwk OPUY - Overview var.:Std.ntwrk scheduling OPUZ - Control parameters plant maintenance OPVC - Convert Avlability Cntrl Tol.Limits OPVP - Collective availibility checkProfile


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