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SAP FI Transaction Code List 1

Home »SAP Financial Modules »SAP FI Transaction Code List 1

SAP FI Transaction Code List 1

How to reverse a cleared documents?

The following procedure is to be followed to reverse the cleared document.
1. Reset the cleared document and reverse the document.
Path # Accounting --> financial Accounting --> C/L --> Document--> Reset Cleared items - T. code : FBRA
In this screen select resetting and reverse radio button and give the reversal reason. : 01 and save the settings.

*-- Maddipati

F-01 -  Enter Sample Document 
F-02 -  Enter G/L Account Posting 
F-03 -  Clear G/L Account 
F-04 -  Post with Clearing 
F-05 -  Post Foreign Currency Valuation 
F-06 -  Post Incoming Payments 
F-07 -  Post Outgoing Payments 
F-18 -  Payment with Printout 
F-19 -  Reverse Statistical Posting 
F-20 -  Reverse Bill Liability 
F-21 -  Enter Transfer Posting 
F-22 -  Enter Customer Invoice 
F-23 -  Return Bill of Exchange Pmt Request
F-25 -  Reverse Check/Bill of Exch. 
F-26 -  Incoming Payments Fast Entry 
F-27 -  Enter Customer Credit Memo 
F-28 -  Post Incoming Payments 
F-29 -  Post Customer Down Payment 
F-30 -  Post with Clearing 
F-31 -  Post Outgoing Payments 
F-32 -  Clear Customer 
F-33 -  Post Bill of Exchange Usage 
F-34 -  Post Collection 
F-35 -  Post Forfaiting 
F-36 -  Bill of Exchange Payment 
F-37 -  Customer Down Payment Request 
F-38 -  Enter Statistical Posting 
F-39 -  Clear Customer Down Payment 
F-40 -  Bill of Exchange Payment 
F-41 -  Enter Vendor Credit Memo 
F-42 -  Enter Transfer Posting 
F-43 -  Enter Vendor Invoice 
F-44 -  Clear Vendor 
F-46 -  Reverse Refinancing Acceptance 
F-47 -  Down Payment Request 
F-48 -  Post Vendor Down Payment 
F-49 -  Customer Noted Item 
F-51 -  Post with Clearing 
F-52 -  Post Incoming Payments 
F-53 -  Post Outgoing Payments 
F-54 -  Clear Vendor Down Payment 
F-55 -  Enter Statistical Posting 
F-56 -  Reverse Statistical Posting 
F-57 -  Vendor Noted Item 
F-58 -  Payment with Printout 
F-59 -  Payment Request 
F-60 -  Maintain Table: Posting Periods 
F-62 -  Maintain Table: Exchange Rates 
F-63 -  Park Vendor Invoice 
F-64 -  Park Customer Invoice 
F-65 -  Preliminary Posting 
F-66 -  Park Vendor Credit Memo 
F-67 -  Park Customer Credit Memo 
F-90 -  Acquisition from purchase w. vendor
F-91 -  Asset acquis. to clearing account 
F-92 -  Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer 
F.01 -  ABAP/4 Report: Balance Sheet 
F.02 -  Compact Journal 
F.03 -  Reconciliation 
F.04 -  G/L: Create Foreign Trade Report 
F.05 -  Foreign Currency Val.: Open Items 
F.06 -  Foreign Currency Valuation:G/L Assts
F.07 -  G/L: Balance Carried Forward 
F.08 -  G/L: Account Balances 
F.09 -  G/L: Account List 
F.0A -  G/L: FTR Report on Disk 
F.0B -  G/L: Create Z2 to Z4 
F.10 -  G/L: Chart of Accounts 
F.11 -  G/L: General Ledger from Doc.File 
F.12 -  Advance Tax Return 
F.13 -  ABAP/4 Report: Automatic Clearing 
F.14 -  ABAP/4 Report: Recurring Entries 
F.15 -  ABAP/4 Report: List Recurr.Entries 
F.16 -  ABAP/4 Report: G/L Bal.Carried Fwd 
F.17 -  ABAP/4 Report: Cust.Bal.Confirmation
F.18 -  ABAP/4 Report: Vend.Bal.Confirmation
F.19 -  G/L: Goods/Invoice Received Clearing
F.1A -  Customer/Vendor Statistics 
F.1B -  Head Office and Branch Index 
F.20 -  A/R: Account List 
F.21 -  A/R: Open Items 
F.22 -  A/R: Open Item Sorted List 
F.23 -  A/R: Account Balances 
F.24 -  A/R: Interest for Days Overdue 
F.25 -  Bill of Exchange List 
F.26 -  A/R: Balance Interest Calculation 
F.27 -  A/R: Periodic Account Statements 
F.28 -  Customers: Reset Credit Limit 
F.29 -  A/R: Set Up Info System 1 
F.2A - arr.: Post (w/o OI)
F.2B - arr.: Post(with OI)
F.2C - arr.: w/o postings
F.2D -  Customrs: FI-SD comparison
F.2E -  Reconciliation Btwn Affiliated Comps
F.2F -  Management Acct Group Reconciliation
F.2G -  Create Account Group Reconcil. G/L 
F.30 -  A/R: Evaluate Info System 
F.31 -  Credit Management - Overview 
F.32 -  Credit Management - Missing Data 
F.33 -  Credit Management - Brief Overview 
F.34 -  Credit Management - Mass Change 
F.35 -  Credit Master Sheet 
F.36 -  Adv.Ret.on Sls/Pur.Form Printout(DE)
F.37 -  Adv.rept.tx sls/purch.form print (BE
F.38 -  Transfer Posting of Deferred Tax 
F.39 -  C FI Maint. table T042Z (BillExcTyp)
F.40 -  A/P: Account List 
F.41 -  A/P: Open Items 
F.42 -  A/P: Account Balances 
F.44 -  A/P: Balance Interest Calculation 
F.45 -  A/P: Set Up Info System 1 
F.46 -  A/P: Evaluate Info System 
F.47 -  Vendors: calc.of interest on arrears
F.48 -  Vendors: FI-MM comparison
F.4A - arr.: Post (w/o OI)
F.4B - arr.: Post(with OI)
F.4C - arr.: w/o postings
F.50 -  G/L: Profitability Segment Adjustmnt
F.51 -  G/L: Open Items 
F.52 -  G/L: Acct Bal.Interest Calculation 
F.53 -  G/L: Account Assignment Manual 
F.54 -  G/L: Structured Account Balances 
F.56 -  Delete Recurring Document 
F.57 -  G/L: Delete Sample Documents 
F.58 -  OI Bal.Audit Trail: fr.Document File
F.59 -  Accum.Clas.Aud.Trail: Create Extract
F.5A -  Accum.Clas.Aud.Trail: Eval.Extract 
F.5B -  Accum.OI Aud.Trail: Create Extract 
F.5C -  Accum.OI Audit Trail: Display Extr.
F.5D -  G/L: Update Bal. Sheet Adjustment 
F.5E -  G/L: Post Balance Sheet Adjustment 
F.5F -  G/L: Balance Sheet Adjustment Log 
F.5G -  G/L: Subseq.Adjustment(BA/PC) Sp.ErA
F.5I -  G/L: Adv.Rep.f.Tx on Sls/Purch.w.Jur
F.61 -  Correspondence: Print Requests 
F.62 -  Correspondence: Print Int.Documents
F.63 -  Correspondence: Delete Requests 
F.64 -  Correspondence: Maintain Requests 
F.65 -  Correspondence: Print Letters (Cust)
F.66 -  Correspondence: Print Letters (Vend)
F.70 -  Bill/Exchange Pmnt Request Dunning 
F.71 -  DME with Disk: B/Excha. Presentation
F.75 -  Extended Bill/Exchange Information 
F.77 -  C FI Maintain Table T045D 
F.78 -  C FI Maintain Table T045B 
F.79 -  C FI Maintain Table T045G 
F.80 -  Mass Reversal of Documents 
F.81 -  Reverse Posting for Accr./Defer.Docs
F.90 -  C FI Maintain Table T045F 
F.91 -  C FI Maintain Table T045L 
F.92 -  C FI Maintain T012K (Bill/Exch.) 
F.93 -  Maintain Bill Liability and Rem.Risk
F.97 -  General Ledger: Report Selection 
F.98 -  Vendors: Report Selection 
F.99 -  Customers: Report Selection 
F/LA -  Create Pricing Report 
F/LB -  Change pricing reports 
F/LC -  Display pricing reports 
F/LD -  Execute pricing reports 
F00 -   SAPoffice: Short Message 
F000 -  Accounting 
F010 -  ABAP/4 Reporting: Fiscal Year Change
F01N -  Debit position RA single reversal 
F01O -  Vacancy RU single reversal 
F01P -  Accruals/deferrals single reversal 
F01Q -  Debit position MC single reversal 
F01R -  MC settlement single reversal 
F01S -  Reverse Periodic Posting 
F01T -  Reverse Acc./Def. General Contract 
F040 -  Reorganization 
F041 -  Bank Master Data Archiving 
F042 -  G/L Accounts Archiving 
F043 -  Customer Archiving 
F044 -  Vendor Archiving 
F045 -  Document Archiving 
F046 -  Transaction Figures Archiving 
F101 -  ABAP/4 Reporting: Balance Sheet Adj.
F103 -  ABAP/4 Reporting: Transfer Receivbls
F104 -  ABAP/4 Reporting: Receivbls Provisn
F107 -  FI Valuation Run 
F110 -  Parameters for Automatic Payment 
F111 -  Parameters for Payment of PRequest 
F13E -  ABAP/4 Report: Automatic Clearing 
F150 -  Dunning Run 
F48A -  Document Archiving 
F53A -  Archiving of G/L Accounts 
F53V -  Management of G/L Account Archives 
F56A -  Customer Archiving 
F58A -  Archiving of Vendors 
F61A -  Bank archiving 
F64A -  Transaction Figure Archiving 
F66A -  Archiving of Bank Data Storage 
F8+0 -  Display FI Main Role Definition 
F8+1 -  Maintain FI Main Role Definition 
F8+2 -  Display FI Amount Groups 
F8+3 -  Maintain FI Amount Groups 
F8B4 -  C FI Maintain Table TBKDC 
F8B6N   C FI Maintain Table TBKPV 
F8BC -  C FI Maintain Table TBKFK 
F8BF -  C FI Maintain Table T042Y 
F8BG -  Maintain Global Data for F111 
F8BH -  Inconsistencies T042I and T042Y 
F8BJ -  Maintain Clearing Accts (Rec.Bank) 
F8BK -  Maintain ALE-Compatible Pmnt Methods
F8BM -  Maintain numb.range: Payment request
F8BN -  Corr.Acctg Documents Payment Block 
F8BO -  Payment request archiving 
F8BR -  Levels for Payment Requests 
F8BS -  Detail display of payment requests 
F8BT -  Display Payment Requests 
F8BU -  Create payment runs automatically 
F8BV -  Reversal of Bank-to-Bank Transfers 
F8BW -  Reset Cleared Items: Payt Requests 
F8BZ -  F111 Customizing 
F8XX -  Payment Request No. Ranges KI3-F8BM
FA39 -  Call up report with report variant 
FAKA -  Config.: Show Display Format 
FAKP -  Config.: Maintain Display Format 
FAR1 -  S FI-ARI Maint. table T061A 
FARA -  S FI-ARI Maint. table T061P/Q 
FARB -  C FI-ARI Maint. table T061R 
FARI -  AR Interface: Third-party applicatns
FARY -  Table T061S 
FARZ -  Table T061V 
FAX1 -  BC sample SAP DE 2.1 
FAX2 -  BC sample 2 SAP DE 2.1 
FB00 -  Accounting Editing Options 
FB01 -  Post Document 
FB02 -  Change Document 
FB03 -  Display Document 
FB03Z   Display Document/Payment Usage 
FB04 -  Document Changes 
FB05 -  Post with Clearing 
FB05_OLD Post with clearing 
FB07 -  Control Totals 
FB08 -  Reverse Document 
FB09 -  Change Line Items 
FB10 -  Invoice/Credit Fast Entry 
FB11 -  Post Held Document 
FB12 -  Request from Correspondence 
FB13 -  Release for Payments 
FB1D -  Clear Customer 
FB1K -  Clear Vendor 
FB1S -  Clear G/L Account 
FB21 -  Enter Statistical Posting 
FB22 -  Reverse Statistical Posting 
FB31 -  Enter Noted Item 
FB41 -  Post Tax Payable 
FB50 -  G/L Acct Pstg: Single Screen Trans.
FB60 -  Enter Incoming Invoices 
FB65 -  Enter Incoming Credit Memos 
FB70 -  Enter Outgoing Invoices 
FB75 -  Enter Outgoing Credit Memos 
FB99 -  Check if Documents can be Archived 
FBA1 -  Customer Down Payment Request 
FBA2 -  Post Customer Down Payment 
FBA3 -  Clear Customer Down Payment 
FBA6 -  Vendor Down Payment Request 
FBA7 -  Post Vendor Down Payment 
FBA7_OLD Post Vendor Down Payment 
FBA8 -   Clear Vendor Down Payment 
FBA8_OLD Clear Vendor Down Payment 
FBB1 -  Post Foreign Currency Valn 
FBBA -  Display Acct Determination Config. 
FBBP -  Maintain Acct Determination Config.
FBCJ -  Cash Journal 
FBCJC1  Cash Journal Document Number Range 
FBCJC3  C FI Maintain Tables TCJ_PRINT 
FBCOPY  Copy Function Module 
FBD1 -  Enter Recurring Entry 
FBD2 -  Change Recurring Entry 
FBD3 -  Display Recurring Entry 
FBD4 -  Display Recurring Entry Changes 
FBD5 -  Realize Recurring Entry 
FBD9 -  Enter Recurring Entry 
FBDF -  Menu Banque de France 
FBE1 -  Create Payment Advice 
FBE2 -  Change Payment Advice 
FBE3 -  Display Payment Advice 
FBE6 -  Delete Payment Advice 
FBE7 -  Add to Payment Advice Account 
FBF1 -  C80 Reporting Minus Sp.G/L Ind. 
FBF2 -  Financial Transactions 
FBF3 -  Control Report 
FBF4 -  Download Documents 
FBF5 -  Reports Minus Vendor Accounts 
FBF6 -  Document Changes 
FBF7 -  C80 Reports Minus Sp.G/L Ind. 
FBF8 -  C84 Reports 
FBFT -  Customizing BDF 
FBIPU   Maintain bank chains for partner 
FBKA -  Display Accounting Configuration 
FBKF -  FBKP/Carry Out Function (Internal) 
FBKP -  Maintain Accounting Configuration 
FBL1 -  Display Vendor Line Items 
FBL1N   Vendor Line Items 
FBL2 -  Change Vendor Line Items 
FBL2N   Vendor Line Items 
FBL3 -  Display G/L Account Line Items 
FBL3N   G/L Account Line Items 
FBL4 -  Change G/L Account Line Items 
FBL4N   G/L Account Line Items 
FBL5 -  Display Customer Line Items 
FBL5N   Customer Line Items 
FBL6 -  Change Customer Line Items 
FBL6N   Customer Line Items 
FBM1 -  Enter Sample Document 
FBM2 -  Change Sample Document 
FBM3 -  Display Sample Document 
FBM4 -  Display Sample Document Changes 
FBMA -  Display Dunning Procedure 
FBME -  Banks 
FBMP -  Maintain Dunning Procedure 
FBN1 -  Accounting Document Number Ranges 
FBN2 -  Number Range Maintenance: FI_PYORD 
FBP1 -  Enter Payment Request 
FBR1 -  Post with Reference Document 
FBR2 -  Post Document 
FBRA -  Reset Cleared Items 
FBRC -  Reset Cleared Items (Payment Cards)
FBS1 -  Enter Accrual/Deferral Doc. 
FBTA -  Display Text Determin.Configuration
FBTP -  Maintain Text Determin.Configuration
FBU2 -  Change Intercompany Document 
FBU3 -  Display Intercompany Document 
FBU8 -  Reverse Cross-Company Code Document
FBV0 -  Post Parked Document 
FBV1 -  Park Document 
FBV2 -  Change Parked Document 
FBV3 -  Display Parked Document 
FBV4 -  Change Parked Document (Header) 
FBV5 -  Document Changes of Parked Documents
FBV6 -  Parked Document $ 
FBVB -  Post Parked Document 
FBW1 -  Enter Bill of Exchange Pmnt Request
FBW2 -  Post Bill of Pmt Request
FBW3 -  Post Bill of Exchange Usage 
FBW4 -  Reverse Bill Liability 
FBW5 -  Customer Check/Bill of Exchange 
FBW6 -  Vendor Check/Bill of Exchange 
FBW7 -  Bank file to file system (for FBWD)
FBW8 -  File to Bank (for Transaction FBWD)
FBW9 -  C FI Maintain Table T045DTA 
FBWA -  C FI Maintain Table T046a 
FBWD -  Returned Bills of Exchange Payable 
FBWD2   Parameter Transaction for FBWD 
FBWE -  Bill/Exch.Presentatn - International
FBWQ -  C FI Maintain Table T045T 
FBWR -  C FI Maintain Table T045W 
FBWS -  C FI Maintain Table T046s 
FBZ0 -  Display/Edit Payment Proposal 
FBZ1 -  Post Incoming Payments 
FBZ2 -  Post Outgoing Payments 
FBZ3 -  Incoming Payments Fast Entry 
FBZ4 -  Payment with Printout 
FBZ5 -  Print Check For Payment Document 
FBZ8 -  Display Payment Run 
FBZA -  Display Pmnt Program Configuration 
FBZG -  Failed Customer Payments 
FBZP -  Maintain Pmnt Program Configuration
FC10 -  Financial Statements Comparison 
FC11 -  Data Extract for FI Transfer 
FC80 -  Document C80 
FC82 -  Document C82 
FCAA -  Check Archiving 
FCC1 -  Payment Cards: Settlement 
FCC2 -  Payment Cards: Repeat Settlement 
FCC3 -  Payment Cards: Delete Logs 
FCC4 -  Payment Cards: Display Logs 
FCCR -  Payment Card Evaluations 
FCH1 -  Display Check Information 
FCH2 -  Display Payment Document Checks 
FCH3 -  Void Checks 
FCH4 -  Renumber Checks 
FCH5 -  Create Check Information 
FCH6 -  Change Check Information/Cash Check
FCH7 -  Reprint Check 
FCH8 -  Reverse Check Payment 
FCH9 -  Void Issued Check 
FCHA -  Check archiving 
FCHB -  Check retrieval 
FCHD -  Delete Payment Run Check Information
FCHE -  Delete Voided Checks 
FCHF -  Delete Manual Checks 
FCHG -  Delete cashing/extract data 
FCHI -  Check Lots 
FCHK -  Check Tracing Initial Menu 
FCHN -  Check Register 
FCHR -  Online Cashed Checks 
FCHT -  Change check/payment allocation 
FCHU -  Create Reference for Check 
FCHV -  C FI Maintain Table TVOID 
FCHX -  Check Extract - Creation 
FCIWCU  BW Customizing for CS 
FCIWD00 Download InfoObject text 
FCIWD10 Download InfoObject hierarchies 
FCKR -  International cashed checks 
FCMM -  C FI Preparations for consolidation
FCMN -  FI Initial Consolidation Menu 
FCV1 -  Create A/R Summary 
FCV2 -  Delete A/R Summary 
FCV3 -  Early Warning List 
FC_BW_BEX -  -  Business Explorer Analyser 
FC_BW_RSA1 -    BW Administrator Workbench 
FC_BW_RSZDELETE Delete BW Query Objects 
FC_BW_RSZV -    Maintain BW Variables 
FD-1 -  Number range maintenance: FVVD_RANL
FD01 -  Create Customer (Accounting) 
FD02 -  Change Customer (Accounting) 
FD02CORE Maintain customer 
FD03 -  Display Customer (Accounting) 
FD04 -  Customer Changes (Accounting) 
FD05 -  Block Customer (Accounting) 
FD06 -  Mark Customer for Deletion (Acctng)
FD08 -  Confirm Customer Individually(Actng)
FD09 -  Confirm Customer List (Accounting) 
FD10 -  Customer Account Balance 
FD10N   Customer Balance Display 
FD10NA  Customer Bal. Display with Worklist
FD11 -  Customer Account Analysis 
FD15 -  Transfer customer changes: send 
FD16 -  Transfer customer changes: receive 
FD24 -  Credit Limit Changes 
FD32 -  Change Customer Credit Management 
FD33 -  Display Customer Credit Management 
FD37 -  Credit Management Mass Change 
FDCU -  Loans customizing menu 
FDFD -  Cash Management Implementation Tool
FDI0 -  Execute Report 
FDI1 -  Create Report 
FDI2 -  Change Report 
FDI3 -  Display Report 
FDI4 -  Create Form 
FDI5 -  Change Form 
FDI6 -  Display Form 
FDIB -  Background Processing 
FDIC -  Maintain Currency Translation Type 
FDIK -  Maintain Key Figures 
FDIM -  Report Monitor 
FDIO -  Transport Reports 
FDIP -  Transport Forms 
FDIQ -  Import Reports from Client 000 
FDIR -  Import Forms from Client 000 
FDIT -  Translation Tool - Drilldown Report
FDIV -  Maintain Global Variable 
FDIX -  Reorganize Drilldown Reports 
FDIY -  Reorganize Report Data 
FDIZ -  Reorganize Forms 
FDK43   Credit Management - Master Data List
FDMN -  
FDOO -  Borrower's notes order overview 
FDTA -  TemSe/REGUT Data Administration 
FDTT -  Treasury Data Medium Administration
FEBA -  Postprocess Electronic Bank Statmt 
FEBC -  Generate Multicash format 
FEBMSG  Display Internet Messages 
FEBOAS  Request Account Statement via OFX 
FEBOFX  OFX Functions 
FEBP -  Post Electronic Bank Statement 
FEBSTS  Search String Search Simulation 
FESR -  Importing of POR File (Switzerland)
FEUB -  Adjust VIBEPP after EURO conversion
FEUI -  Real Estate Implementation Guide 
FF$3 -  Send planning data to central system
FF$4 -  Retrieve planning data 
FF$5 -  Retrieve transmission results 
FF$6 -  Check settings 
FF$7 -  Check all external systems 
FF$A -  Maintain TR-CM subsystems 
FF$B -  Convert Planning Group 
FF$C -  Convert planning level 
FF$D -  Convert business areas 
FF$L -  Display transmission information 
FF$S -  Display transmission information 
FF$X -  Configure the central TR-CM system 
FF-1 -  Outstanding Checks 
FF-2 -  Outstanding Bills of Exchange 
FF-3 -  Cash Management Summary Records 
FF-4 -  CMF Data In Accounting Documents 
FF-5 -  CMF Records fr.Materials Management
FF-6 -  CMF Records from Sales 
FF-7 -  Forecast Item Journal 
FF-8 -  Payment Advice Journal 
FF-9 -  Journal 
FF.1 -  Standard G/L Account Interest Scale
FF.3 -  G/L Account Cashed Checks 
FF.4 -  Vendor Cashed Checks 
FF.5 -  Import Electronic Bank Statement 
FF.6 -  Display Electronic Bank Statement 
FF.7 -  Payment Advice Comparison 
FF.8 -  Print Payment Orders 
FF.9 -  Post Payment Orders 
FF.D -  Generate payt req. from advices 
FF/1 -  Compare Bank Terms 
FF/2 -  Compare value date 
FF/3 -  Archive advices from bank statements
FF/4 -  Import electronic check deposit list
FF/5 -  Post electronic check deposit list 
FF/6 -  Deposit/loan mgmt analysis/posting 
FF/7 -  Deposit/loan management int accruals
FF/8 -  Import Bank Statement into Cash Mgmt
FF/9 -  Compare Advices with Bank Statement
FF63 -  Create Planning Memo Record 
FF65 -  List of Cash Management Memo Records
FF67 -  Manual Bank Statement 
FF68 -  Manual Check Deposit Transaction 
FF6A -  Edit Cash Mgmt Pos Payment Advices 
FF6B -  Edit liquidity forecast planned item
FF70 -  Cash Mgmt Posit./Liquidity Forecast
FF71 -  Cash Position 
FF72 -  Liquidity forecast 
FF73 -  Cash Concentration 
FF74 -  Use Program to Access Cash Concntn 
FF7A -  Cash Position 
FF7B -  Liquidity forecast 
FF:1 -  Maintain exchange rates 
FFB4 -  Import electronic check deposit list
FFB5 -  Post electronic check deposit list 
FFL_OLD Display Transmission Information 
FFS_OLD Display Transmission Information 
FFTL -  Telephone list 
FFW1 -  Wire Authorization 
FFWR -  Post Payment Requests from Advice 
FFWR_REQUESTS   Create Payment Requests from Advice
FF_1 -  Standard G/L Account Interest Scale
FF_3 -  G/L Account Cashed Checks 
FF_4 -  Vendor Cashed Checks 
FF_5 -  Import Electronic Bank Statement 
FF_6 -  Display Electronic Bank Statement 


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